Registry Space Profiler

Open-source registry space analysis tool for Windows

Registry Space Profiler is an application that allows users to see the size of certain sections of the Windows registry. This does not find wasted space, but finds space used by either the Windows operating system or by applications. I made this tool in order to study "registry bloat", or why registries on systems keep steadily growing even though they are kept fairly clean.

It is intended as an analysis program, and is a graphical clone of the Microsoft DUREG utility. The analysis engine still isn't as accurate as DUREG, but is getting there. Registry hives also use system RAM, and so the larger the registry, the more memory is being used. This program is not intended to clean the registry in any way. Recommended related utilities are listed below.


Version 1.0 Beta2, full installer (1.4 mb, 2/27/06)

Version 1.0 Beta2, no installer (40k, 2/27/06)



For support, contact Ryan Thoryk at
ryan at tliquest dot net


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